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Mornington Peninsula Wildlife Project


The Mornington Peninsula Wildlife Project (MPWP) is

an exciting new concept developed by Chris and

Sam Symons from their Funky Farm, a unique wildlife

sanctuary based at Hastings on the Mornington

Peninsula in Victoria. Chris and Sam have developed

the MPWP area on a dedicated 2.5 acres of their 10-

acre property, allowing MPWP programs to be held

in a welcoming and safe environment for both

animals and participants. Commencing June 2023,

the MPWP programs will offer a vastly different

experience than those provided by Funky Farm.

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MPWP programs will be dedicated to offering 12-week Pathway Programs specifically

designed for special needs teenagers and adults.


About the Programs:

• Held one day per week over 12 consecutive weeks in three hour blocks from 9am - 12pm with a dedicated client/staff ratio of 3 to 1.

• A simple client application will guide the MPWP team so each participant will be

carefully allocated to a group with eight others of similar age and capabilities.

• Each program will be tailored to best fit the participant, the aim being

to develop that person’s general and specific life skills.

• It’s anticipated some participants will develop confidence and skills that will assist them finding a role within the mainstream workforce if that is their wish.

• Each group will be allocated a project at the commencement of the

12-week program. Projects might include animal training and animal husbandry, as well as specific tasks such as enclosure and surrounds planning, development and


MPWP’s programs will provide a positive and inclusive environment, with specific “one on one” guidance available. As participants skills and confidence increase, so too will positive social behaviours and interactions.

F O R  A L L  E N Q U I R I E S

E M A I L:  M O R N P E N W P @ O U T L O O K . C O M

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