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Alleen boekingen


Our daughter, Ziva, was born into this unusual environment and is proving to be a serious wildlife enthusiast in her own right. Ziva plays a massive role at the Funky Farm training, cleaning and caring for all of the animals. Of course she has her favourites and I would have to say Ziva and Cobar, one of Alpine Dingoes, have a very special bond together.




With a innate passion for animals, Chris has always surrounded himself with pets, and although jealous of his wife's gift to talk to animals it doesn't stop him from trying. Chris has had a long career with equine racing and is now moving into a different role on The Funky Farm. With his creative mind he spends most of his time expanding the farm and loves building and improving the animal enclosures.

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Sam is the rock of the Funky Farm. As head trainer and handler, Sam has put in endless time and effort to ensure her babies are getting the best of care. Some people are born with a gift and Sam is Lucky enough to have it. It's amazing to watch her work with the individual animals and see the respect they have for one another. Sam has a background in equine also once being a rider herself. Sam has also had some experience with driving cart horses. Sam's love for the animals has built within her an instinct to anticipate the needs of the individual animal and make it a priority. 



Keeping and breeding native wildlife for over 10 years Vince has had a passion and enthusiasm for animals from a young age. After completing a degree in environmental science with a focus on wildlife conservation, Vince has been focused on caring for native wildlife and educating the public on their conservation and importance to the Australian environment.

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